December 9, 2018

Last Meeting

Show and Tell

Isabelia (Neolauchea) pulchella
(Scott McGregor)
Dendrochilum saccolabium
(Scott McGregor)
Maxillaria dillonii
(Scott McGregor)
Coelogyne punctulata 'Katmandu'
(Scott McGregor)
Dendrobium biggibum var. compactum alba
(Tim Roby)
Cattleya percivaliana 'Orchid Ranch'
(Roberta Fox)
Galeottia burkei
(Roberta Fox)
Isochilus sp.
(Roberta Fox)
Liparis parviflora, Galeottia burkei. Lycaste virginalis (skineri), Maxillaria ubatubana, Odontoglossum naevium
(Roberta Fox)
Lycaste virginalis (skinneri), Ceratochilus biglandulosus, Dendrobium toressae, Scaphosepalum verrucosum, Ada glumacea
(Roberta Fox)


Awesome Plant Table




Notes from the Member's Corner

We had a very engaging speaker, Fred Clarke, for the final meeting of the SCOSS thanks to Alex Allen’s efforts.  Yolanda Brown, our last president, provided her table decorations and beverages, as she has for each meeting as long as she has been refreshment chairperson; thank you, Yolanda (and Tim Roby, who has provided transportation and muscle for her).  Then there’s Edie Gulrich, longtime membership, name- pin wrangler, auction plant gatherer and general go-to person; Darrell Lovell, another Darrell –of-all-chores; Dana Seelig, raffle barrel keeper and bringer; Roberta Fox (more later) and Scott McGregor without whom “Show & Tell” would have been ‘way less interesting --- many, many thanks to all of you.  This does not take away from the contributions of Susan Scheffler, our treasurer and assurer of people to hear and places to meet; Jan Hennessey who arranged for our holiday refreshments & cared for the plants from Bob Laughlin’s collection that we all were able to choose from & make our own – again, thank you for your efforts.  Thank you to the members, speakers  and guests that we enjoyed this last year; we will miss you and maybe see you again at one of the other local orchid societies.  Roberta, thank you for the knowledge you have consistently shared with all the members, both at the meetings and in the newsletters and occasionally at your home.  I personally have enjoyed meeting and learning from all of you and hope to continue reading Roberta’s blog and newsletter in the future and seeing friendly faces at the local shows and auctions.  Thank you and my very best wishes to all of you.

Holly Hillman