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Ada pozoi

Ada pozoi (yellow) This is the yellow form. There also is a form that is more of a light green. It grows outside (coastal) in bright shade or filtered sun.  

Aerides ringens

Aerides ringens

Grows outside (coastal) in a basket, in shady area. It received frequent waterings since it near the mounted plants.


Ansellia africana

Ansellia africana Grows outside. This can be a rather large plant. Here is a closeup of the flower. There are several varieties. Ansellia africana var. nilotica has more yellow, with brown bands or spots. Closeup of flower. There also is an alba form (yellow and green rather than white, meets the definition because it has no anthocyanin pigment).  

Bletilla ochracea

Bletilla ochracea This plant was labelled "Bletilla striata - yellow" but it is actually a separate species. It grows under the same conditions as Bletilla striata.  

Bletilla striata

Bletilla striata The Vietnamese Ground Orchid grows outside. This terrestrial can be grown in the ground if the soil is well-drained, but is quite happy in a pot. It goes dormant in the winter (watering should be reduced, but it should not dry out completely for long periods). Closeup of flower. It has has an alba (completely white) color form in addition to the most common pink form.


Bulbophyllum lobbii

Bulbophyllum lobbii

Grows in greenhouse. The hinged lip wobbles with the slightest breeze or motion of the plant.


Cattleya iricolor

Cattleya iricolor Grown in greenhouse.  

Cattleya skinneri

Cattley stinneri

Grows outside (coastal) in filtered sun.


Cattleya walkeriana

C walkeriana Grows outside in filtered sun. It needs to be a little drier in winter. This is the alba form.  

Cattleya warneri

Cattleya warnerii

Grows outside (coastal) in filtered sun, does better in greenhouse. Closeup of the lip. Another flower and closeup.


Ceratochilus biglandulosus

Ceratochilus biglandulosus Grows outside (coastal), mounted, in shade. The flower (about 3/4") is bigger than the plant, and the name is bigger than both of them. As the plant grows, it continues to produce new flowers throughout the year. A closeup of the flower.  

Chysis bractescens

Chysis bractescens Grows outside (coastal) in bright shade. It seems to do better in a basket than it did in a pot. It loses most of its leaves in the winter - watering should be reduced (but not eliminated) until new growth begins in the spring.  

Coelogyne ochracea

Coelogyne ochracea Grows outside (coastal) in bright shade or filtered sun. It is in a clay pot. It is extremely floriforous - this is the plant.  

Dendrobium aphyllum var. latifolium

Den aphyllum Grows outside, mounted. It must be kept fairly dry in winter. It blooms on the leafless canes.  
Dendrobium loddigesii Den loddigesii Grow outside in filtered sun. Tim Roby

Dendrobium schrautii (williamsonii type)

Dendrobium schrautii

Grows outside (coastal) on mount, in open shade. Closeup of flower shows spectacular lip.


Dendrobium teretifolium

Dendrobium teretifolium

Grows outside (coastal). It may bloom again in the summer or fall. It does best mounted, or potted in a very loose medium.


Elleanthus graminifolius

Elleanthus gramminifolius Grown in intermediate greenhouse. Small plant with delicate, grass-like leaves and tiny flowers.  

Encyclia citrina

E citrina Grows outside, mounted, in nearly full sun. It needs to be kept somewhat drier in winter. Closeup of lip.  

Encyclia garciana

E garciana Grows outside, mounted or in a basket, in filtered sun. It has a range of color forms. Here is a lighter one.

Roberta Fox(dark form)

Doug Adams(light form)

Epidendrum embreii

Epidendrum embreii

Grows outside (coastal) in filtered sun. Closeup of flower from the side and from the front


Epidendrum falcatum

Epidendrum falcatum

Grows outside (coastal), mounted, in open shade. Plant and growth habit are very similar to Epidendrum parkinsonianum. It is fragrant.


Epidendrum gastropodium

Epidendrum gastriipodium Grows outside(coastal) in filtered sun or open shade.  

Epidendrum longipetalum

Epidendrum longipetalum

Grows outside, mounted, in bright shade or filtered sun. It blooms intermittently on the same inflorescence for as long as two years, so don't cut the inflorescence even though the end looks dead - it will probably branch for another flower.


Gongora scaphephorus

Gga scaphephorus Grown in greenhouse. The flower is fascinating; view from a different angle. Here is a spectalular specimen plant.

Roberta Fox(Closeups of smaller plant)

Nick Braemer(Specimen plant)

Masdevallia colossus

Masdevallia colossus

Grows outside (coastal) in shade, in a clay pot. The clay helps keep the roots cool through the summer, since this (and other Masdevallias from high elevations) like to be cool and moist. Closeup of the lip and petals. (On Masdevallias, the sepals are the dominant feature, but they do have lip and petals, like all orchids.)


Masdevallia decumana

Masdevallia decumana Grows outside (coastal) in shade. It needs to be kept cool and damp in summer. It was originally mounted, but is growing much better in a clay pot.  

Mexicoa ghiesbreghtiana

Mexicoa ghiesbreghtiana

This Oncidium relative grows outside (coastal), mounted, in filtered sun. Closeup of flower.


Odontoglossum spectatissimum

Odontoglossum spectatissimum Grows outside (coastal) in open shade.  

Oncidium ceboletta

Onc ceboletta Grows outside, mounted, in filtered sun or open shade. Tim Roby

Oncidium harrisonianum

Oncidium harrisonianum

Grows outside (coastal) on a mount in bright shade or filtered sun. Closeup of flower.


Paphiopedilum philippinense

Paphiopedilum philippinense Grown in greenhouse.  

Pholidota chinensis

Pholidota chinensis

Grows outide (coastal) in an open basket, in shade. It receives plentiful water, but the basket keeps it from staying too wet. Closeup of flower.


Restrepia cymbula

Restrepia cymbula Grows outside (coastal) in shade, under the same conditions as other Restrepia species.  

Restrepia sp. (antennifera type)

Restrepia sp antennifera type Grows outside (coastal) in shade. It wants to be fairly moist. A clay pot helps keep the roots cool in hot weather. The flower is a little darker than Restrepia antennifera but is very similar.  

Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii

Sarcochilus fitzgeraldi Grows outside in filtered sun. It needs to dry out somewhat (not totally) in winter for best blooming. There is considerable variation in the flowers. Here's another example with more white, and still another, with much more pink.  

Sobralia callosa

sob callosa One of the smallest Sobralias. Plant is only about 7" high. This one also wants to be warmer than most other Sobralias, and grows in a greenhouse. The flowers only last a day or so, but it blooms successively on the same growth. The plant has very attractive ribbed, dark green leaves.  

Solenidiopsis tigroides

Solenidiopsis tigroides Grows outside, mounted, in shade. Closeup of flower.  

Stelis purpurascens

Stelis purpurascens

Grows outside (coastal), in bright shade. Here is a closeup of the flower, and a view of the blooming plant.


Vanda tricolor

Vanda tricolor

This is a distinctly different color form than the V. suavis, but it probably the same species.


Vanda tricolor v. suavis

Vanda suavis

Also called Vanda suavis. This is the best-known of the temperature-tolerant Vandas. It grows outside(coastal) and can tolerate as low as 32 deg. F, especially if kept dry. Closeup of flower. It is fragrant.