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Angraecum bancoense

Angraecumm bancoense Grown in greenhouse, in a basket. It was labeled Angcm. distichum, but in comparing photos of A. bancoense and A. distichum, this is much more likely bancoense. They have a similar growth habit, but the distichum flower is larger. Closeup of flower.  

Coelia bella

Coelia bella Syn. Bothriochilus bellus. Grows outside, under shade cloth. Joy Keyser

Cyrtochilum falcipetalum

Cyrtochilum falcipetalum Grows outside (coastal). This one will probably never get to a meeting. In 2010, this plant had two spikes. One broke, and grew a keiki just below the break. The other spike was approximately 12' long - it might have grown longer, but escaped from under the shade cloth, and the tip was burned by the hot sun. Here is part of the inflorescence entwined with other things in the growing area.  

Epidendrum angaritae

Epidendrum angaritae Grows outside (costal), in moderate shade, and seems to enjoy being rather moist. Close up of the flower. Note the thin petals and larger sepals.  

Eria coronaria

Eria coronaria

Grows outside (coastal) in semi-shade. It is kept fairly moist. It may bloom on leafless pseudobulbs - don't be too quick to cut them, they may look dead but if not light brown and shriveled, probably are alive. The flowers are very fragrant.


Laelia anceps Laelia anceps Grows outside(coastal). They are very forgiving of winter cold and summer heat. In 2009, they are blooming later than usual ( RF ) Several that usually bloom in December didn't bloom until January. See Special Page for a variety of color forms. (Note: in 2010, they're blooming very early. Some that bloomed in January in 2009 bloomed in November 2010. The summer of 2009 was unusually hot, that of 2010 was unusually cool.)  
Neolauchea pulchella Neolauchea pulchella Grows outside(coastal). Its rambling habit dictates that it needs to grow mounted or in an open basket. It grows beyond the mount, with roots from each pseudobulb, so it needs to be kept fairly moist. Here is a closeup of the flower (about 1/4") and a view of the whole plant.  

Pleurothallis cardiothallis

Pleurothallis cardiothallis

Grows outside(coastal), in shade. It is kept quite moist, since it is below the mounted plants which receive daily watering. Flowers grow from the base of the heart-shaped leaves. Close up of the flower.


Pleurothallis ornata

Pleurothallis ornata Grows outside (coastal) in shade, mounted. The label lists Pths. schiedei as synonym, but according to both Orchidwiz and IOSPE, Pths. schiedei is actually synonym of Pths. villosa, distinctly different. Here another view of Pths. ornata .  

Pleurothallis truncata

Pleurothallis truncata

Grows outside (coastal), in shade. It is kept fairly moist. These tiny flowers would be pollinated by an ant, or perhaps even a smaller insect. Here is a close-up of an open flower


Sophronitis cernua

Sophronitis cernua Grows outside (coastal), mounted, in filtered sun or bright shade.  

Stelis hallii

Stelis hallii

Grows outside (coastal) in semi-shade. It is kept fairly moist. Plant is only about 2 1/2" tall, flowers are about 1/4".